The French fashion house Balenciaga has risen to the top of the fashion Olympus by announcing a collaboration with the famous blogger and TV star Kim Kardashian. The news of Kardashian’s appointment as the new face of the brand was officially confirmed on January 22 on the fashion house’s official website.

In her comment on this partnership, Kim Kardashian shared her emotional response: «Balenciaga models have accompanied me for many years, becoming an important part of my image… It is a great honor for me to be part of the new chapter in the history of this brand».

However, despite the joyful news, the reaction of Kardashian’s fans was mixed, and it’s not surprising. A heated discussion began on social media about the blogger’s choice of the brand, which previously attracted public attention with its controversial advertising campaigns. It is worth reminding that one of them, featuring images of small children in BDSM clothing, caused a major scandal in 2022.

Critics of Kardashian point out the inconsistency of her choice with ethical and moral standards, especially considering her previous disapproval of Balenciaga’s controversial actions. At the peak of the recent events, the blogger withdrew her support from the brand, expressing her dissatisfaction with the controversial advertising campaign.

This is not the first time Kim Kardashian’s name has become the subject of public criticism. In late 2023, the blogger was subjected to sharp ridicule and condemnation for the packaging of Christmas gifts, which, according to some social media users, was associated with tragic events in the Gaza Strip.

Thus, Kim Kardashian’s decision to sign a contract with Balenciaga sparked a lively public dialogue about the extent to which celebrities’ worldviews and moral principles influence their choice of fashion partners. The scandalous situations she has faced only underline the complexity of the modern fashion industry and the importance of supporters’ and critics’ choices.