Tell us about your business! How and when did you decide to open your barbershop? What inspires you about barber’s work?

My story with barbershop began with a family legacy. My grandmother was a master of men’s haircuts, and her profession was passed on to my parents. Since childhood, I have always been attracted to classic men’s haircuts and the atmosphere that can be found in barbershops. I became a regular visitor to these establishments and realized that this is exactly what I like. From communicating with the masters to studying the culture and techniques of barbering, all this aroused my interest and desire to learn more.

The dream of my own barbershop has always been with me. I watched a huge number of videos, studied various techniques and tools, and eventually decided to become a master on my own. The coincidence with the pandemic and the dismissal from the office allowed me to turn my idea into reality. When I decided to open my barbershop, I knew that I wanted to create a special place with a unique atmosphere. I found the perfect room in the city center and started to repair and equip. Dark walls and parquet on the floor created the impression of a pirate ship, and leather armchairs added comfort for customers. I invested in high-quality equipment and worked hard to get everything ready for the opening. The first opening day was nervous, but the customers who came supported me and my team. We have done everything possible to make everyone feel comfortable and cozy in our barbershop. Thanks to our professionalism and customer care, we have gained their trust and become their permanent masters. Gradually, our barbershop has become a favorite place for many, and we continue to delight our visitors with high-quality services until today. Each client is unique to us, and we are inspired by their individuality. We strive to make them beautiful and confident after visiting our barbershop. We are constantly developing and improving our skills, learning new techniques and trends in the world of barbering. We draw inspiration from other masters, music, fashion and the history of barbering, which has become a real art.

Opening my barbershop was not only a professional achievement for me, but also the realization of my passion. I am proud to have created a place where men can get first-class service and feel the spirit of real barbering. It has been a long and difficult journey, but every day I am glad that I realized my dream.

How do you maintain a positive atmosphere and team spirit in your barbershop? How do you encourage your employees to grow and develop?

Our team creates not only a working environment, but also a community where every employee is important and respected. We unite around common goals, hold regular meetings to exchange opinions and ideas, which stimulates creativity and innovation.

We appreciate the achievements of each employee, support mutual assistance and solidarity in the team. Open and transparent communication with management allows you to express opinions and make decisions taking into account everyone’s contribution.

We actively use modern technologies to improve communication and cooperation. The company’s clear values and mission shape our culture. We create a friendly and supportive team where team spirit prevails.

We provide a comfortable and safe working environment where employees can reach their potential. Training and development help us to grow professionally and personally, maintaining a friendly atmosphere.

How do you see the future of your barbershop? Do you have any plans for expansion or development?

As for development, this is of course training and trainings: barbershop employees must constantly improve their skills and knowledge. My function is to provide such an opportunity for learning and participating in trainings that will help them grow and develop. Don’t forget about performance evaluation: regular performance evaluation will help employees understand where they are and how they can improve their results. In my barbershop, the masters are «tied» to the KPIs. Rewarding the best barbershop employees for their achievements and excellence can be a strong incentive for their growth and development. Career Growth: Providing opportunities for career growth and promotion will help employees feel valued and motivated. In general, creating a friendly and supportive environment in a barbershop can contribute to the growth and development of employees who will feel part of the community and will strive for its development.

I haven’t seriously thought about expansion yet, since it is necessary to establish processes in the existing barbershop, but such thoughts periodically visit. Currently, we are actively promoting our business on social networks and on the company’s website. There are already almost 500 thousand subscribers on our YouTube channel, and their number is growing every day. We determine the needs of the target audience and close them. Plus, our brand is unique and fully recognizable. I repeat that creating a comfortable atmosphere in the salon, whether it’s interior styling or music, is very important. We listen to the wishes of customers and expand the list of services. We have also implemented a loyalty program for our customers, within which they can receive gifts and a free haircut if specific conditions are met. Constant market research and the introduction of new technologies and trends in the barbershop industry leads us towards success.

What role does travel play in your life? What places have you visited and what do you remember the most?

I would like more often)) Everyone loves to travel, and I am no exception. A lot of places I managed to visit and see a lot of things. America, Europe, Asia, Africa. For me, traveling is about discovering new places and cultures. Traveling allows you to explore new places, learn about local culture and customs. Of course, this is rest and relaxation. Relaxing in an unfamiliar place can help relieve stress and relax. Travel guarantees replenishment of the collection of impressions. While traveling, people can experience new tastes, meet new people and experiences that can change their lives. People are tired of routine and are looking for adventures. New meetings and acquaintances with interesting people can also help improve your personal life. Travel can help people find new opportunities for business, study and work. This is a fact. For a long time now, my favorite cities are Istanbul and Rome. Whatever the building, the antiquity)) Unfortunately, it has become more difficult to visit them. In Russia, I think I will give preference to Krasnoyarsk and Rostov-on-Don. I was lucky enough to work in these cities at different periods of my life and I have a lot connected with these cities.

What hobbies do you have besides work and travel? What are your most interesting hobbies?

Like most children of the generation of the 90s, I collected inserts from Turkish chewing gum) Cans of beer and soda) Icons more… Then I grew up. Today my hobbies are radically different from children’s. I sing, play guitar, record songs when I have time for it. At the amateur level, of course. For yourself and friends. So that it remains in history. In June, he graduated from the Herman Sidakov Drama School, an acting course for beginners. So I’m open to suggestions. I will continue to develop my acting skills. Becoming an actor is my dream, and I’m slowly realizing it. I am very interested in cinema and especially participation in the processes of its creation.

What does it mean for you to be a successful barbershop owner, a happy father and husband, a traveler, and an optimistic person? What principles and values underlie your life?

This means achieving high productivity and sustainability of your business by achieving financial success, respect and recognition in your industry. Possess a high level of entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership, is able to make the right decisions in difficult situations and constantly develop your business. At the same time, experience joy and satisfaction from your children and their achievements, take care of them and love them unconditionally. Take responsibility for the upbringing and development of their children and help them achieve their goals and desires in life. I am a happy person. I have wonderful children, a caring, beautiful wife. For their sake, I am ready to «get a mammoth» for dinner every day. And what else is needed?

Principles? I can single out several: be proactive, focus on your goals, plan your day and your future, take care of your health and mind, develop your talents and skills, be honest and responsible to yourself and others, respect yourself and other people, be patient and resourceful, look for joy and happiness in life, help others and strive for the well-being of society.

And also, as Baron Munchausen said in Mark Zakharov’s film:


«I realized what your problem is: you are too serious.

An intelligent face is not a sign of intelligence, gentlemen.

All the stupidities on earth are done with this particular facial expression.

Smile, gentlemen. Smile!»


G. Gorin, «The same Munchausen»