Tango 1.6

Tango 1.6

Tango addition to video and voice chat to communicate with others by using their mobile phone allows you to

Tango users free calls

Such as WhatsApp and Skype, Tango from your computer to connect to Android and iPhone users. If your friend has a data plan or WiFi Tango on your phone, you can call the free phone without leaving your computer.

As easy as mobile version

BertsioTangoPC interface looks the iPhone version of the default balatparehong phone. If it is not by choice, options, you can change the skin.

Using a nod. Add your phone number and you want to call friends from kopurua.Hortik to chat with a simple click.

Great audio and video

ZvukYakist video and an amazing tango, although it may vary by device and connection. Management is also very Tango. option allowsyou to determine how to organize your contacts, you can set up a webcam, change the skin and the appearance of updating Tango.Sa Unfortunately, you can not do more than what the settings .

Tango is ideal for users

eskerrikbideo smartphone and audio chat with friends without leaving your computer, Tango is a welcome addition to the application provider.

Tango 1.6