Microsoft Lync 2013

Microsoft Lync 2013

Microsoft Lync has become the standard for business meetings and chat network. In the latest version of Lync 2013 will be better.


Lync has more features than you can shake a stick at. Microsoft has many years of experience creating well-chat client. Lync includes not only the message but the instant video conferencing and powerful collaboration tools.

Instant messaging works as you would expect. conditions inikontak popular sasaWao displayed next to their name. is incorporated in the stateOutlook and to notify you if someone is available to chat with.

Coferencing is important Feathures Lync. You can share audio, video, screen and whiteboard and surveys. New in this version of Lync is HD video. Microsoft uses SVC ensures that open broadcast video at 1080p.


videotelah voice call and adjustments in the stable and usable even under mbayahali network. Microsoft has worked hard to build the architecture of Lync convert many new features as possible in terms of networkdelay or error.

The interface has been completely work look more like Windows 8 UI modernization program. Everything is flat, white and blue. This makes for a bit monotonous, but addapt fast for him.

Lync mudahmenggunakan and all features are clearly displayed. Jinsikufanya not looking to know something, even if you’ve never used an earlier version of Lync earlier. Hovering over all channels of communication will reveal its boiler able to contact him.

Lync take a page from the book to Googleand large screen experience in which each share video chat is displayed on a normal presentation. This makes it easier to land feelings gaguge mail.

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It all kuhusuMazingira today by Microsoft address these Herausforderungmit perfect environment for Lync. There was even awarded software Windows Phone 8. There are plans for versions of Android and iOS too.

Microsoft knows that not all users have Lync installed on each computer, so we put in the extra work of buildingInternet applications for Lync. Modern browsers allow users in merekaLync entry. Internet applications include the ability HD videokufanya conferences, VoIP, Instant Messanging and exchange-work.

And last but not least, Microsoft has been vocal integrate Lync with Skype. This means Lync users access to all their Skype contacts.


At the heart Microsoft to use Skype users, the company is encouraging consumers to use Lync. Adblock Plus for Chrome 1 Download
sollteaber think there is no problem asOne of today baikkeluar Lync chat clients. There are tons of excellent features and interfaceni well. It is connected easily with other Microsoft products and satisfying integrated Lync environment of use.


Microsoft Lync 2013