Female mentor, personal growth coach, info-businesswoman, author of the «Muse» course. Winner of the «Woman as a Symbol 2022» and «Best Female Mentor 2022» awards from the Alliance of the Peoples of the World with the support of the Government of Moscow

Could you tell us a little about yourself and how you came to eco-pickup and infobusiness?

My name is Anastasia, at the moment I am a blogger, a female mentor, an info-businesswoman and the owner of a small horse-racing club in the Moscow region. The path to blogging was quite a long one. First, I took video marketing courses, graduated as a corporate blogger, shot live video reviews for small and medium-sized businesses, interviewed bloggers and their producers at various events, even started running a YouTube channel with these interviews. I tried myself in Tik Tok, where I quickly gained 50,000 subscribers, but I quickly burned out. At that time I was talking about family education and business for teenagers because I myself started running business (a horse-racing club) at the age of 14. The situation was bad in video marketing during the pandemic, many entrepreneurs could not pay for office rentals, and didn’t have any budget for advertising. After the pandemic I didn’t want to return to video marketing so I started going to various business trainings, joining communities, meeting new people, collaborating. I worked very hard, literally for days and nights, but the perspectives were unclear to me. Everything was changed by meeting one man and a dizzying infatuation that broke me inside and out: the man was mature, serious, well-off, an incredible intellectual and, in addition, a brilliant manipulator. He always boasted that he had studied the art of manipulating at the university for 10 years. Well, I was a little girl who had no idea how to behave with men, who decided everything by herself, who was used to showing care and support, didn’t have a habit of gaining anything, who clung to the slightest manifestation of warmth and kindness and firmly believed in love at first sight. The most disastrous union. I went through wild emotional centrifuges and manipulations, earned a ton of complexes, fears and distrust of men. Fortunately, thanks to my background, I had nice people around me, I shared my weakness and a variety of psychologists, coaches, businessmen, numerologists began to help me – everything went into action! Therefore, I can also add that I have hard, long and painstaking work and the support of a huge number of experts in their fields of activity. The transformation gave the results, I realized my strengths, accepted my desire to be liked by men and accepted courtship, care, support and gifts. I became very good at it (without too much modesty), my successes inspired me, and I realized – this is it! I conducted the analysis, found out that an incredibly huge number of girls face the same problem: they do not know how to communicate correctly with successful and wealthy men, do not know how to accept courtship and gifts, how to resist manipulation, how to voice their desires and needs, how to be in harmony and behave natural. They are shackled, insecure, folded wings under a ton of complexes. I can really help all of them since I have not only a large theoretical base, but also a much larger practical one. That’s how I got into the infobusiness. The cherry on the cake was the scandalous subject of the blog because if you remove beautiful words, epithets and metaphors, then it turns out that I teach girls to accept their commercialism, not to be ashamed of their explicit and secret desires, even if they are condemned by society.

I am very glad that this topic really turned out to be in demand.

You are the author of the guide «Money correspondence». What inspired you to create it? What are the main topics covered by this guide?

No inspiration – just an analysis of the needs and interests of my audience. My audience was interested to find out how I get loud compliments, money and gifts even at the stage of correspondence, how I maintain the interest of men by correspondence, and most importantly, they were interested in what they were doing wrong. It was very easy to write a guide, I just took all my productive correspondence, structured the techniques used, chose the simplest and most understandable correspondence as an example, made their analysis and finished everything with template working phrases. I never doubted the effectiveness of the guide for a second, it was nice to receive hundreds of thanks from girls for it, often with the application of their successful correspondence, the results in the form of gifts and money transfers.

The topic of the guide is a correspondence strategy depending on the type of man. One strategy with one man can be absolutely victorious, and with another – can be a failure, so understanding the question «With which man – which tool?» is fundamentally important.

How do you define the concept of «women’s infobusiness» and what role, in your opinion, does it play in Russia? How do you assess the current state of women’s infobusiness in Russia?

Women’s infobusiness, according to my personal observations, mainly (70 percent) consists of topics of psychology and female energy, and most information products are focused exclusively on women. The role in the life of society is colossal, messages of the women’s infobusiness are of great significance. This is about healthy, adequate, correct feminism, about awareness, acceptance of oneself and one’s appearance, self-love, personal growth, about the right to choose one’s path and refuse what is imposed, about how to be real, respect oneself and personal boundaries. Many products are also aimed at expectant and young mothers and are designed to help them not to lose their identity during motherhood, to raise a healthy, reasonable, conscious, hardworking generation.

I don’t want to skip the names of those whose info-products are focused on business development, pumping media skills and studying narrow specialties. I am delighted by the way the significant information of women’s infobusiness is given to the audience.

I will say briefly about the state of women’s infobusiness: it is in the midst of success. I even have a feeling that I jumped into the last car. The bar is set high, and with each new product it becomes more difficult to keep it. If in a year women’s information products will be shot better than Russian films, I will not be surprised.

In your experience, what are some of the biggest problems faced by women entrepreneurs in Russia?

The biggest problem is a false attitude: «If I have a man who takes care of me financially, I can lose the status of a «self-made woman» and it is wrong and bad.» Someone goes to extremes and is eager to pay the bill herself, to make expensive gifts herself not from her real principles, but just not to seem mercantile and dependent on men. Such a story «all by myself» is disastrous for a lot of girls.

In addition, a woman in business, like any person experiences stress, earns certain psychological traumas, learns to keep everything under obvious control. And a relationship with a man becomes for such a woman a way out of her comfort zone, her habitual model of behavior in business (and thus in everyday life) is absolutely inappropriate for a relationship, it is not suitable.