Dubai, UAE — March 2 nd , 2024: SEE Institute will host the finals of TEEN ART AWARDS 2024, a contemporary Art Award Ceremony that identifies creative talent. The ceremony includes activities that focus on supporting the growth of international teenagers, including education workshops and master classes. For the second season, teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 will be receiving professional orientation for their future careers, and they will also be getting a motivational speech on “how to be focused on your aims.”

Teen Art Awards strives to shed light on the importance of sustainable development and instil into the minds of the youth that they can and should be able to contribute to the process of bettering the future for themselves and everyone else. The question “How do I want to see the world of the future?” was asked of these young individuals, and their perspective on that is what they honed into when they exhibited their artistry on an array of different and diverse creations. The UAE graciously hosted this year’s season as they are optimistic that this event will not only create loyalty within the art community internationally but also encourage the world to view them as an ally to such socially significant projects. 


The Art.Coordinate Foundation will present the second season of the First International Teen Art Awards, and the generous prize is a contribution from the SEE Institute. 


The event, taking place on March 2 nd at the SEE Institute located in Dubai Sustainable City, will showcase an exciting exhibition featuring the accomplished teenage finalists who have also proudly secured the highest honours in their adolescence. Attendees will get a chance to spectate all the creations of these talented young intellectuals and view 100 digital projects selected from an impressive collection of about 320 competition submissions. This exhibition highlights to the audience that teenagers can create a vision and a dream for the future through the renditions of their very own innovative capabilities.

«With our project, we aim to support young people in their desire to become artists. We provide them with their first international exhibition, their first catalogue, and grant opportunities for education,” shares Daria Kalinina, founder and president of The Art.Coordinate Fund. “We believe that the younger generation of creators will shape the visual landscape of our world, and it is they who will bring beauty, meaning, and big dreams into our world, which will surely come true.” 


Teenagers from 38 different countries (UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, South Africa, Congo, Malaysia, Singapore, China, India, Pakistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Turkey, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Cyprus, Israel, England, Brazil, USA, Mexico, Ecuador and Jamaica) demonstrated their ideas, ranging from painting to video art and then also performance as a response to this year’s theme, «Sustainable World: a society of the future through the prism of art».


Awards will be presented in six categories: «Painting,» «Graphics», «Digital Art”, “Video Art“, “Performance“ and «Art storytelling”. The objective of this Award Ceremony is to offer an engrossing peek into the minds of these young artists who are striving to express their ambitions through different methods of artistic expression stemming from their vision of a sustainable world in the future.


The exhibition will present laureates and special prizewinners, 30 of them. As well as finalists awarded by the jury and organisers, also included in the digital show — more than 100 in total.


  1. Painting: Keanu Jian Tavana (UAE), Ruslana Slivina (Georgia), LAU V-SHANE (Malaysia), Evelina Vlasova (Russia), Kristina Ontensone (Russia), Alexandra Chernousova (Russia) and Ekaterina Burykina (Russia). 


  1. Graphics: Ayan Mehra (Singapore), Cathrine Nagel (South Africa), Tumar Galymzhankyzy (Kazakhstan), Margarita Astaturyan (Russia), Anna Bazhutina (Russia) and Camilla Kireeva (Russia). 


  1. Digital Art: Fatema Ezzy (UAE), Maria Kim (Russia), Maria Zykovа (Russia), Andrey Maslov (Russia) and Anna Vladimirova (Russia). 


  1. Video Art: Mitrah Shahani (India) and Maxim Znamenshchikov (Russia).


  1. Performance: Theater and Theatrical Technologies Studio of the School of Creative Industries (Russia) and Varvara Zakharova (Russia).


  1. Art storytelling:: Marina Artyomenko (Russia) and Polina Ostrovskaya (Russia), Bukho Nomatye (South Africa), Artem Volkov (Russia), Fairy Prokhorova (Russia), Anastasia Ivanenko (Russia).


«We create the future not tomorrow, but today, and that includes the arts,” stated Yaroslav Markov, Art Director of The Art.Coordinate Fund. “Therefore, helping teenagers to discover their talents is the right decision.» 

The jury panel for the competition is comprised of esteemed individuals, including the winners of the 2017 Kandinsky Prize, Recycle Group, consisting of Andrey Blokhin and Georgy Kuznetsov, both of whom hold a place in the Top Ten of the Top 100 young artists of Russia. «Guys, we are very happy that you are close and interested in contemporary art! Many of you are trying to find your own style and concept in your art. We would like to wish you to keep improving yourselves and make more new projects. Practice your observation skills, develop your skills and add new ones! All this together will lead you to new discoveries and interesting projects,» stated  Recylce Group.

As well as, Elizaveta Shirinyan, an Art Critic and the Director of Education at the Cafesjian Center for the Arts; Azza Al Qubaisi, a renowned jewellery designer, sculptor, and recipient of the Emirates Woman of the Year Awards; Maisoon Al Saleh, an artist, writer, and CEO of The Paintly Store Maysoun; and Ghada Kunash, the Founder of The Workshop and the Fann A Porter art gallery. And lastly, the panel includes the esteemed  architect Lilia Grebneva, who serves as the ambassador for the second season of the award in the UAE. 

About Art.Coordinate:


Establishing its presence in July 2021, Art.Coordinate is a foundation committed to providing support for the growth of contemporary art within young individuals. To support young individuals is the main task of the  Art.Coordinate Foundation.


Among the many purposes of the foundation, one of the main aims is to strive to become a welcoming international platform that enables youngsters from all around the world to communicate, share experiences, and support each other or other well-known colleagues. 


Apart from being a competition, the Teen Art Awards builds a platform for expert development and the execution of innovative ideas into reality, and with that, it gives teens a chance to explore themselves through the creation of art with guidance and support from the art community.


Saint Petersburg hosted the first season of the Teen Art Awards, in which only eight countries participated in 2021. It was recognised internationally and received “Culture Online” as the best project of that year, in addition to also acquiring the “Silver Archer” award regionally as the best youth project of that year.