Coaching – is it a trendy trend or a really effective tool for development and goal achievement? What questions do people come to you with in coaching?

Coaching is not magic. The method is based on scientific knowledge of brain function and uses techniques and practices for adult learning.

Our thoughts determine our behavior. How we behave affects the results we get. In working with a coach, you:

become aware of what thoughts limit you and replace them with those that promote progress;

choose the right path of change that suits you.

New perception leads to new results. There is one «but». The method will work when both partners – the client and the coach – are involved in the work. No athlete has become a champion after an hour or two of working with a coach. Without actions, there will be no result.

When a client strives for development, then in coaching he really solves many questions.

Some clients come to me to achieve their goals. They share that they often give up what they have started. They notice that they lose interest, doubt their actions, choices, decisions. They move towards their goals slower than they would like.

Others come for changes in their state. They are worried about burnout, lack of energy, constant dissatisfaction with themselves, excessive demands on themselves.

In coaching, clients save time and go through the path of development in a few months that they could have gone through for years on their own.

As a coach, you help with the balance of personal and professional life, how do you maintain that balance yourself?

This topic has been and remains an area of development for me – to live in such a way that one does not exclude the other. I remember being caught up in projects and tremendous responsibility. I would write reports in my sleep, prepare presentations, and answer questions. At the same time, thoughts were ringing in my head: «Don’t forget, you are also a wife, a mother, a daughter!». I felt guilty. Feelings of responsibility, guilt, and anxiety intertwined, trying to get everything done. This continued until my mental and physical strength ran out.

For about a year, I explored the topic of balance from different angles. I developed new habits in self-organization and maintaining balance. As a result, I defined my values and goals in personal and professional areas. They became my guide. With them, I make decisions faster and, at the same time, I am in harmony with myself and my choices.

The discovery of a false belief propelled me further in this area. I thought that if work brings joy, then rest is not needed. Doesn’t interest replenish energy? But the brain also gets tired, although it doesn’t give such obvious signs of fatigue as the body. At some point, you notice that you spend more time on familiar tasks, and no new ideas come to mind. The brain is simply unable to create and solve problems due to overload.

The topic of health required special attention. I established a routine, revised my diet, and found suitable physical activity for myself.

Life is multifaceted. And now I am training the balance: honing it in recurring situations and building it in new ones.

We understand how important it is to allocate time for ourselves, for family, for work, and for rest, but in practice we experience difficulties. Some clients, in the heat of enthusiasm, take on several projects at the same time. Evaluating one’s strength and capabilities, checking the value of goals is very sobering at that moment. Energy lies in balance. When there is balance – there is life-giving energy. It restores and fills us. I wish everyone to discover this balance within themselves and learn to manage it.

For those who need support in finding balance; in developing confidence, determination; who want to save time in achieving their desired goal – I invite you to a diagnostic session. There you will see how coaching can help you advance in the topic that concerns you.