I live in harmony with my professional career and family warmth

You chose cosmetology and medicine as your fields of development. What influenced your choice?

My family had a significant influence on my choice. I grew up with two sisters who are doctors, as well as an older brother. I observed them going to medical school, studying Latin. Since childhood, I already knew a few words in Latin. Overall, it felt close to me, and I couldn’t see myself in any other field besides medicine. It was a soulful decision. I didn’t consider other options because I love people very much. I enjoy communication. Simply by talking, you can change a person’s world. That’s why there is no other choice for me besides medicine. Every year, I derive more pleasure from what I do, from the creative aspect. By interacting with each person, I not only impact their health and beauty but, in general, I change a person’s life. Changes happen in a person as a whole based on how we communicate and how all of this collectively influences them. I believe I create together with a person. So, I am in my place. Every day, every moment, I take pleasure and enjoy what I do. That’s why I never call it work; I always refer to it as creativity, the creation of the soul. If a person comes to me, it means I always try to do everything possible to ensure they are satisfied.

We are what we eat. Do you agree with this? What foods and habits can affect the quality of the skin?

We are indeed what we eat. In fact, I would even start by saying that what our parents ate during pregnancy matters. Even in the preparation for pregnancy, even years before, a microbiome (the collection of all microbes, such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and their genes, that naturally live on and inside our body) is created in the intestines, which later colonizes the body of every future baby. The healthier the mother, the healthier the baby will be born. Therefore, taking care of health is necessary not only after the birth of the child but long before conception, for several years. Besides beautiful thoughts, attention should be paid to a healthy microbiome.

Today, the creation of a healthy microbiome is associated with the choice of products available in stores. Therefore, one must be extremely selective. We exclude fast food and minimize gluten consumption. Gluten is a protein that glues and negatively affects blood vessels and cells. It is not necessary to completely eliminate it because it can still enter our lives. It should be present in small quantities to avoid gluten intolerance due to its complete absence.

As for milk, it ceases to be necessary for an adult after weaning. Milk creates mucus in the body and should also be consumed in moderation. As for sweets, they accelerate skin aging and influence overall metabolism. Many now face metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance due to the consumption of sweets in large quantities, which often leads to diabetes. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of consuming sweet products.

Did you have skin problems before delving into this topic? What are the most common skincare mistakes that girls often make, and perhaps you made?

Yes, I had problematic skin, especially when I was in school. I can say that my skin issues were related to the microbiome of my parents. My dad grew up during the war and ate what was available for survival. My mom raised us in a large family of 4 children, but she always paid attention to the quality of products. My mom taught us proper nutrition. The main mistake I made was trying to deal with skin problems on my own, without professional help. These attempts can leave scars, and in the end, you may spend much more money than if you had consulted a professional, for example, for professional skin cleanings.

I have always been a perfectionist and watched my diet. I have two sisters who are doctors, and today, in our family, there are already eight doctors. It’s a kind of «medical legacy» passed down from generation to generation. Now, as a preventive medicine doctor, I know how to change the microbiome and, accordingly, improve the patient’s health. Today, there are many tools and methods that allow for a quick and effective change in the quality of the microbiome and, consequently, the quality of life and health of the patient. Generations come to our clinic – grandmother, daughter, granddaughter. My work allows me to see how the condition and health of patients change over the years.

I started seeing patients while still studying in the fifth year of medical school in Kazan. My studies were combined with work at Gulnara Albertovna Tabakchi’s salon, one of the best salons in the city. My first teacher in cosmetology, Dr. Svetlana Zhaboeva, instilled high standards of work in me. Today, I admit that I was very lucky with those who taught me and those who surround me in my professional activities. They were all perfectionists and always sought to do their job in the best possible way.

One of your specialties is working with genetic tests. What is it, and what advantages do genetic tests provide in self-care? How do genetic features influence the condition of the skin and hair? And do they influence? Can everything be corrected through medicine?

Can everything be changed through medicine? To answer this question, I completed the Preventive Anti-Aging Medicine program at the International Institute of Preventage. I can say that genetics can and should be influenced. Just do it in time with genetic testing. This test will help you determine what kind of diet is suitable for you personally. Forget about trendy diets that can be harmful. Instead, you will see your individual correct diet, which will be balanced and harmonious for you. It will have a positive impact on your weight and overall health. When it comes to children, it’s important to understand that not every child is suited for sports. Genetic testing can help determine what type of physical activity suits your child, how many times a week, and how many hours a day. It can also help guide the child in the right direction to achieve their genetic potential.

I often see genetic test results that show the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in children. But knowing these risks, we can take measures to prevent the development of the disease. For example, knowing that a child has a high risk of Alzheimer’s, we can make changes to their diet, paying attention to sugar levels and sweet products. The gut microbiome plays a crucial role in our health and can affect our genetics. Therefore, proper nutrition and caring for the microbiome can influence genetics and health. The gut is considered the «second brain», and it’s important to understand what kind of diet it needs. So, I recommend taking genetic tests in a timely manner. As a preventive medicine doctor, I analyze test results and develop individual plans for patients to help them prevent possible problems.

It’s important to know that you can influence your genetics, and every time I see positive changes in the health of patients, it confirms the importance of preventive medicine. By the way, when I saw my genetic test, I had a headache for a day. I thought, «Lord, how do I even live with this?». I am already such a perfectionist, and seeing such a number of «defects» was shocking for me. However, I want to emphasize that my parents gave birth to me at a mature age. I was the fourth child when my dad was already 47, and he was a child of war. My mom was 41. After that, I decided to do a genetic test for our entire family: my husband and our child. Considering all the features of our genetics, we adapted our lifestyle. I understand that I will not cook separate dishes for each of us. We simply adapted our diet to be beneficial for everyone. We achieved colossal results in our well-being, rejuvenation, improvement in appearance, and health. We got rid of edema, and, in addition, our diet became free from gluten, dairy products, and sugar. I want to emphasize that I adhere to a healthy lifestyle without fanaticism. I am not a fanatic and do not require that from others. But I am strict with myself and my patients. I see very clearly whether my recommendations are being followed or not. I don’t even need to ask – I just look at you, and I see everything.

You also work as a preventive medicine doctor! Could you advise on how to balance and maintain both external and internal beauty? Why is it important to look at beauty and health as a whole, rather than isolated aspects?

Over the past 5 years, I have been involved in posture correction. I have come to the conclusion that facial beauty can be improved by starting with correcting posture, not the face or skin. Many patients suffer from oxygen deficiency due to poor posture. Today, this has become a problem for both children and adults because we spend a lot of time sitting with gadgets. The main issue is that many people have a disrupted head position, and the spine and chewing muscles do not develop properly due to a lack of proper nutrition and chewing habits. This problem has become so widespread that cosmetologists try to correct it with fillers. For me, beauty begins with a beautiful and healthy posture and skeletal development. In fact, the bones of the skull can be effectively used to restore volume, and we can do this using our own bone structures.

Family eating habits play an important role in creating beauty. Sometimes, dietary culture is created through tension, sometimes through discomfort about restricting a child’s intake of sweets. Sometimes my child says, «Mom, there’s gluten flying in the air around you!» I respond, «That’s okay, you’ll appreciate how I took care of your teeth and health later». Yes, it is indeed crucial not to lose a single tooth. Today, we see the consequences of improper jaw care in children, where parents paid little attention to dental health, and teeth could have been preserved. We see the results of improper care in the form of braces because children chewed incorrectly and did not develop their jaws.

With almost every patient, I achieve aesthetic satisfaction from the results we obtain through a clear algorithm. Beauty standards involve the discipline and depth of a doctor’s thinking. It is essential to choose a doctor whom you trust and who suits you. Choosing a doctor is not just selecting a specialist; it’s also a vibrational match, a deep collaboration. The doctor should be the one where all the pieces fit together. My advice is to relax and trust the doctors who guide you.

You are also the founder of the clinic. And one of your advantages is comprehensiveness. What other factors have made the «Al-Varis» clinic a leader in the field of medical cosmetology?

I really like the word «founder». Everything I come into contact with, I create and innovate. I exist in these two beautiful states. Why are we leaders? Because our professional, competent, and profound approach to each patient begins with a healthy spine. This is our key to all doors and the solution to all problems. An asymmetrical face is rarely beautiful; skull asymmetry is usually associated with a spinal imbalance. Today, we are a preventive medicine clinic, and people come to us for comprehensive patient care. Your gait changes, your spatial position when standing, how you sit, and even how you breathe. I see that my patients become kings and queens. This is what every patient becomes thanks to the clear algorithms I develop. Therefore, it is important for me to have this patient vision.

I work a lot. We have a modern equipment park that affects all aspects of aging. I told you about skull volume. I have methods with which I work with the skull and create the volumes that are possible to create. They are very bright, expressive, and beautiful. Regarding the ligamentous apparatus, today we can also improve it with equipment. Next, muscles. Yes, we can strengthen them with microcurrents. And we can make the skin beautiful and tight. We have safe injection methods. I adhere to safety principles and do not find it necessary to do Botox, as many young girls are taught to do from the age of 20. I am 44 years old, and I have never done it. And I look great and feel great. It’s important; I have discipline. In school, I had a mirror in my desk, and I watched how to sit correctly to avoid a double chin, how to turn my head correctly. I monitored my condition from my school years, and it helped me a lot. Apparently, from an early age, I was preparing to become a doctor.

Why do people choose you? What changes has the clinic brought to the field of medical cosmetology in Kazan?

People see results. They come to a doctor who takes responsibility. I steer my own ship. I lead it calmly and confidently. Everyone lacks this. I would gladly entrust myself to a doctor who would say to me, «I will take responsibility for what will happen in a year. Let’s do it.» I am ready to pay for such a doctor who will tell me what the result will be in a year. People are willing to pay for this. That’s why I show what you get. I take the time, sit down, and explain, even down to how to cut nails correctly. If nails are cut incorrectly, it can affect your posture while walking and standing. I explain many details that are vital but unknown to many. People often underestimate the importance of these details. People like to shift responsibility to others, but we have no one else. So just listen to me. Listen and follow my prescriptions, and there will be results. That’s why people happily come to us from all over the world. I am not afraid to be a pioneer in this thinking. For five years, I have been saying, showing, and explaining on fingers that beauty begins with a healthy spine. And by changing the position of the head, neck, and pelvis, you can reveal completely new colors. I enjoy this. I feel confident, teaching our patients the right mindset, talking about the attention I give them. Sometimes I take attention away from the family, but I am confident in my decision because it is my destiny. This is what I live for.

What is your opinion on dietary supplements (BAA)? Which tests are recommended to determine individual vitamin and mineral needs?

I have a carefully curated list of tests that I developed by regularly attending various educational events and conferences. Firstly, I hold four medical certificates: dermatovenereologist, cosmetologist, physiotherapist, and healthcare organization physician. Additionally, for the past five years, I have been attending off-site courses on endocrinology in Moscow to enhance my qualifications. Although I don’t have an endocrinologist certificate, I pursue knowledge from my mentor, Svetlana Yurievna Kalinchenko. She is my mentor in the fundamentals of medicine. I even wanted to enter an endocrinology residency in Moscow, but I didn’t receive approval from my husband. I have educational trips at least twice a year, sometimes even three or four times. Therefore, my list of tests is carefully selected based on my regular education. The list of tests for each doctor is unique and depends on where and from whom they are learning. I have education from the endocrinology department in Moscow, the Institute of Preventive Medicine, and Kazan State Medical University.

Regarding the question of dietary supplements, nowadays, it is simply impossible to get all the necessary substances from food alone. Food is often empty, and there are regions with a total deficit of iodine, for example, our Tatarstan. When I was in school, we even had a program to replenish iodine in Tatarstan, and we were given iodine tablets at school. Today, there is no such program, and iodine has not appeared in the soil. Therefore, almost every patient in our region has hypothyroidism due to the lack of iodine in the soil. If you do not take iodine, there will be problems not only with the thyroid gland but also with fertility and hair loss. By the way, iodine norms in Japan are 250 times higher than in Russia. Japan ranks first in the world in life expectancy for 2021, while Russia is in 80th place. Therefore, properly selected dietary supplements and vitamins are important for our health.

Why «Al-Varis»?

When we were choosing a name for the clinic, I wanted the name to convey a sense of globality and protection – these two parameters were crucial in selecting the name. My sister recommended choosing from the 99 names of Allah. The choice was made on the name «Al-Varis». «Al-Varis» translates to «The Inheritor» or «The Heir» in English.

Key meanings:

The inheritor of all that exists.

Continuing to exist while temporary possessors of wealth lose it and depart from this life.

Remaining forever, inheriting all of His creations.

The one who retains all power after the disappearance of His creations.

Inheriting the world and everything in it.

The true owner of all that exists.

Several people proposed logo options for the clinic, but unfortunately, none resonated with my soul or heart. After waiting for 10 years, I didn’t have to explain much to Dmitry; I paid for two logos – one for the clinic and one personal logo.

A few days later, Dmitry sent the logo with the story of its creation. I loved the theme with the name of Allah, and I understood that the logo must be intertwined with the prayer embedded in it. I dissected this name and took it as a palette. In the logo, everything is drawn from parts of the Arabic script of the name «Al-Varis Also, note that in addition to the female doctor figure, this symbol-face has closed eyes. The diamonds on the cheek represent skin nuances, moles. The pattern on the side, each stick, is a part of the name «Al-Varis Dmitry described this vision of the logo to me, and I am sharing it with you verbatim. I was amazed by what I saw and what I read; goosebumps ran through my body for several days from the clinic’s logo. The girl with outspread wings you see is me, and I live by this principle – open arms for life.

How do you envision the clinic «Al-Varis» in 10 years?

I envision a team of like-minded individuals who create, shine, and contribute for the benefit of all humanity!



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