As if to prove once and for all that the emirates are the place to be, the calendar of UAE festivals and events lined up over the next 12 months is more impressive than ever. From insightful cultural events to enthralling art exhibitions, fabulous shows, and fun for all the family, seeing and doing it all requires serious planning.

Вy the incredible standards of Dubai, it was a little quiet. As the specter of the global coronavirus pandemic continues, we are beginning to see the headlines return to the city and the major events that put the final grind before the grand opening. In 2022, favorite festivals will return, such as the world-famous festivals of art, food, shopping, and literature, which have become annual attributes of Dubai’s social calendar. There will be a lot of fun, like comedy, theater, and music performances have already been booked.

The most intriguing is the new places worth visiting that are about to open their doors. Stunning new hotels, famous restaurants, and incredible new nightlife places to visit. Oh, and the coolest building in the city will also open. All indications are that this is another incredible year spent at the speed of Dubai.

And here it is! List of top expected festivals in Dubai 2022


The longest-running American musical on Broadway raises the curtain on another year of performances at the Dubai Opera. Fascinating history and score is the best theatrical entertainment, which is 46 years since its debut has won six Tony Awards, two Olivier Awards, six Oscars, and a Grammy. Known for his Hollywood adaptation of Catherine Zeta-Jones and numbers like All This Jazz, it’s a story about murder, greed, corruption, exploitation, relationships, and betrayal. No matter how many times you’ve heard the songs and seen the movie, watching the brazen jazz assassin Roxy Hart, the assassin Velma Kelly and the gentle lawyer Billy Flynn on our main stage is an opportunity not to be missed.

Performance of the famous
English comedian Jack Dee

Jack Dee

After 35 years in stand-up comedy, Jack Dee is one of Britain’s most famous comedians. His casual style has led him to tour the world, even appearing in Dubai before, and he is just as skilled as anyone in playing in working-class stadiums such as the Dubai Opera or more intimate rooms. As the famous quarrelsome man himself says: «In these difficult and uncertain times, people need hope – a ray of sunshine to decorate their day. And that’s very important to me».

What about James Blunt? 

Famous British musician

James Blunt has just released an album of best hits, and before embarking on a large-scale tour of Europe, the hugely popular singer and songwriter will perform at the Coca-Cola Arena. Blunt has sold over 20 million records and is best known for his hits «Goodbye My Lover», «1973» and, of course, «You’re Beautiful». In recent years, he has become as popular for his tweets and ironic funny public performances as his music, and it promises an evening of musical breakdown.

Maybe Bill Bailey?

There is something so joyfully entertaining in Bill Bailey’s large-scale comedy play. It’s fun, of course. But the combination of performance and musical art elevates him beyond comedy to something extra. As much as it is an extremely entertaining lecture or presentation on music theory, as well as a stage performance, you will hear the sound in a different way than you never thought possible. However, Bailey’s infectious style, surreal flights of fantasy, and sharp wit will never allow him to get on the wrong side of the funny, and it will be a contender for the comedy show of the year.

Let’s move on to the favorites
 of the festival!


Dubai Shopping Festival

Just because it happens every year doesn’t mean it’s not brilliant. Let’s call it the «Birthday Principle». Welcome back to these annual favorites. As always, the year begins with the Dubai Shopping Festival. Obviously, in shopping malls and outdoor malls, such as Market OTB (an open-air bazaar in the shadow of Burj Khalifa), we are waiting for a lot of sales and gifts, but we are especially looking forward to the return of DSF Drone Light Shows for exciting the arts meet technology.

Let’s add a little art and culture!

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

Celebrating all things bookish, the Emirates Literary Festival is back. This means that dozens of local and visiting authors, representing all genres imaginable, will ask questions and answers, and meet with writers and seminars.

Art Dubai

The world-famous Art Dubai has a similar international recognition. It has been 16 years since the launch of the International Art Fair, and it continues to attract buyers, sellers, exhibitors, and artists from around the world with complex and important works.

Want something delicious? Then you are right here!

Dubai Food Festival

It will come as no surprise to anyone that Time Outers has already celebrated the Dubai Food Festival in the Festival calendars. The holiday of all gourmets promises to celebrate the diverse cuisine of more than 200 nationalities, as well as culinary showcases, discounts on Dubai Restaurant Week, and visits to chefs from the best restaurants in the world. We have ready pants with elastic!

Tired of food? Rather in sports! Dubai hosts the best sports festivals (SPORTING FAVOURITES), and this is one of the Dubai Desert Classic

Attracting the world’s greatest sporting talent for competitions and exhibitions can give you some of the best that Dubai has to offer. Sports stars seem to enjoy the city and, we must imagine, extremely competitive prices and fees for appearing, while we can see some of the big ones up close.

For many years, we have known many non-golfers who have rated a golf day as one of the best in Dubai. Walking in all this greenery, the general thrill of excitement, the hospitality of the tents. Try the best of the best of the professional tour, and the Dubai Desert Classic has a lot to enjoy. Local favorite and former winner Rory McIlroy have already confirmed that he will play, and Collin Morikawa, Sergio Garcia, and reigning champion Paul Casey are also included in the field, where there will undoubtedly be more current stars.

Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships

Television cannot prepare you for how fast, accurate and powerful professional tennis players are. The Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships have seen great players for many years, and although we are not yet sure who will be on the court, he will be the world’s leading player right now.

We are especially looking forward to seeing Emma Radukan’s Dubai debut. The rising star has already confirmed that she will play at the World Tennis Championships in Mubadala, Abu Dhabi, and said that one of her best friends lives in Dubai, so we crossed our fingers that she plans to stop in Dubai.

Even if you don’t go to the court to watch the action of the annual entertainment caravan, or meet the players, coaching and retail are worth a look near The Irish Village. And there is the IV itself – and we never miss a visit to the best garden of the Dubai pub.

Visiting Dubai this year, new emotions and impressions are provided for you!