stands proudly as the premier online florist in the UAE, renowned for our impeccable service and exquisite floral arrangements. With over 9,000 glowing 5-star Trustpilot reviews, we are the highest-rated florist in the region. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our service.


Experience the epitome of luxury with, where the art of gifting meets unparalleled convenience. From stunning bouquets to opulent arrangements, each creation speaks the language of the heart, sourced directly from the finest blooms in Holland and Ecuador.


What sets us apart is our dedication to ensuring your gifting experience is flawless. We offer free delivery to all Emirates, with same-day and next-day delivery service. Need it even faster?  Our most popular: 60-minute delivery to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, ensure your sentiments are expressed exactly when you desire, any day of the year.

At, we believe in going above and beyond. That’s why every order undergoes video approval, guaranteeing your gift is nothing short of perfect.


Our finest quality flowers are available on our secure website and via WhatsApp at +971 58 588 9825. We also enjoy taking orders via Instagram.

Additionally we have a store in chic Jumeirah 3 and a retail outlet in Abu Dhabi serving same day and timed deliveries.  Our floral arrangements are available in all Emirates of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Ajman. We also stock a select assortment of beautiful candles, cakes and chocolates.


Our Customers are king. Rigorous and strong relationships with our suppliers & growers mean on a daily basis, we source premium and fresh flowers from Holland and Ecuador. Our mission centers around the delivery of the finest quality flowers, in the most beautiful arrangements, within the UAE at a fair price to our customers. For the quality of product and service, our price will be unbeaten in the UAE.  


Adjacent, but core to this mission is that we retain exemplary staff who enjoy five day weeks, respectful workplace where their voices are heard and generous remuneration. This respect translates into enormous care and attention and pride of work which is channeled into each and every arrangement we deliver UAE wide to our online, Instagram and WhatsApp customers.

Tell us more about the Founders and key persons in the company:


Meeting back in approx 2005 our founders who are Irish and Emirati met through a chance meeting and hands were shook and trust was born.Culturally the Irish are hard working and family orientated, very like the Emiratis so the fit was always going to be an easy one.  The connection between both business heads was and remains to be seamless, trusting and intuitive.


Main operations are driven by a British national with decades of management experience in the FMCG space. Beyond this we keep our teams unusually flat in structure and trust and ownership is assumed and expected from all levels.


Which Regions are you present in:


We have exclusively chosen to remain loyal to our UAE customer base. We have focused on the delivery of the best flower service in the entire country. Our Irish and British staff enjoy working with the tapestry of cultures in the UAE. This is our passion and we continue to enjoy building strong repeat business and increasing market share in the UAE.


What is your history, how did everything start:


Our Irish Founder is a serial entrepreneur who through a set of serendipitous coincidences accidentally fell into the flower industry. Instinct drove him to seek out the owner of the domain name. He jumped on a flight to the UAE to meet the owner of the domain. Both shook hands that same day they met and trust and has thrived ever since.


As a Leader in your Niche, What Challenges have you faced:


Being a Leader in any niche is unchartered territory. Looking ahead and not at the competition is key. Leading is in our DNA.


Since the owners have been buying and selling companies since the early 2000s the combination of both cultures and experience have a safety net of wisdom and resilience to lean into.

Nothing could have prepared our business continuity planning, however, for the pandemic as it began to unfold. Watching the stock markets fall off a cliff, days before the world discovered what was about to happen, we put in place a series of emergency procedures and invested trust and unwavering belief in our Teams. We did not know what was about to occur in the UAE economy but we had a plan in place. This not only kept our business going but it organically excelled.

Our Founders completely trusted each other and this trust cascaded down through all of our teams. Growth of 400% was something we were unprepared for when lockdowns were announced. 


Gratitude is the word we use frequently for the support our loyal customers offered us. We are very fortunate to have wonderful customers, a wonderful team and wonderful suppliers.


How do you see your future expansion: is synonymous with the best flower delivery in the UAE and we will always be loyal to the customer base of the seven Emirates we call home. There is something exquisitely cohesive in the melting pot of cultures, transient and local, that creates demand for a product of the caliber we deliver. For now, we are exquisitely privileged and content to serve our UAE customers.


What can you recommend to a start up business in the UAE:


Business start up in the UAE requires a certain mindset. In our experience, unrelenting pursuit of excellence is what drives success in any start up in the UAE.


One should be prepared to work at something that gives them an adrenaline rush the moment they wake until those final somnambulistic moments before they drop off to sleep. It will be all consuming. Customers expect 5 stars in every aspect of their interactions with you as a business. Building authentic and trusting relationships with customers, across teams and suppliers will make life far easier than just chasing bottom line targets.