Daria Russkikh unveils her «Inner Planet» through augmented reality effects at the Person’s Auction House exhibition. As a prominent figure in abstract fine art, Daria’s paintings come to life before our eyes thanks to Phygital Art, blending the digital and physical realms. This allows viewers to explore her inner emotions and experience her personal world in unprecedented ways. The use of augmented reality enhances her expressive art, creating a captivating inner universe known as her «Inner Planet.» Person’s Auction House is dedicated to supporting emerging artists, and Mr. Piergiovanni Persone, its founder, expressed their commitment to showcasing these artworks and helping artists enter new markets. Art critic and painter Alena Vavilina notes how artists like Daria leverage AR to enhance their talents, creating contemporary adaptations while preserving classical influences. Daria’s art aims to convey universal emotions like love, comfort, and happiness, connecting people through shared feelings. The exhibition invites visitors to embark on their own inner journey through her pieces. Attendees had the unique opportunity to meet Daria in person at Person’s Auction House, located in JLT’s highest point, and discover their «Inner Planet», seeking happiness and harmony within themselves. The project’s goal is to encourage viewers to delve deeper into the artwork, reliving personal experiences that reveal their own «planet of happiness.» The exhibition featured works from the «Inner Planet» and «Humanity Synonym» series. Curated by Gallerist Alexandra Timorina and organized by Orange PR communication agency Founder Maria Kuznetsova, the exhibition explores the theme of finding inner peace. Alexandra Timorina, the curator, draws a parallel to astronomy’s «inner planets» like Mercury and Venus, which symbolize art, skills, music, and romance. These planets’ energies amplify one another, fostering creativity. The presentation leaves a lasting impression, showcasing the evolving world of emerging artists and their ability to immerse viewers in an era of change. Olga Dvoretskaia, an art & technology producer and founder of the Disartive Digital Art Fair, emphasizes the beauty and harmony in a rapidly changing world. The evening also featured a solo performance by Shura Skripka, a renowned musician interpreting modern violin music. The fusion of classical art and live music enriched the exhibition, encouraging the audience to contemplate the integration of traditional art approaches into the digital age.

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