The new film school on the block. Raindance as a global brand has championed independent film, filmmakers and actors for three decades. Born from the Raindance Film Festival, the UK’s largest indie film festival, we are now making moves into MENA territories with KHDA licenced, UK accredited Higher National Diploma courses. The only film festival on the globe who provides higher education courses, we teach those with a passion for filmmaking the knowledge and practical skills to lay the foundations of Dubai’s independent film industry.



Raindance Film School Dubai is a creative center for filmmaking excellence in the UAE and MENA territories. We offer students professional training and mentorship in filmmaking and screen acting craft’s, with a team of industry professionals delivering two year Higher National Diploma and entry level HNC courses in the key disciplines of film and acting. Located in a charming villa at the heart of Jamerih 1, with easy transport links and access for students and visitors, we provide a unique learning environment for both students and staff alike. As an international school, the combination of different cultural approaches to storytelling, filmmaking, and performance, generates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere for creativity.



Unlike a typical university programme, Raindance offers an unconventional film school experience, where practical hands-on learning is the catalyst for putting theory into practice, encouraging students to gain industry experience within and outside of the set curriculum. From pre-production to post production, our HND in Filmmaking leaves students ready for the film industry. Whether students choose to enter the short or feature film lighting, sound, and editing departments, or delve into the corporate and advertising sectors, Raindance has the facilities and staff expertise to prepare students for their chosen career. In front of the camera, students studying the HND in Screen Acting learn an array of techniques and styles from the great practitioners of stage and screen, including the Stanislavski, Meisner, and Adler methods. Raindance guides students in harnessing the power of their voice, to develop range and versatility, and forge their own marketable brand identities as actors. The Screen Acting and Filmmaking pathways intertwine in the shared Scriptwriting and Film History modules present on both courses. Students are taught the importance of storytelling within historical and contemporary contexts, developing their own storytelling voices built through theory and practice sessions. Raindance has three campuses worldwide, in Dubai, in Central London, minutes from the iconic Trafalgar Square, and in Mexico City, located in the Churubusco Studios Complex. Through the International BA in Filmmaking and International BA in Screen Acting programmes, students have the opportunity to study a year at every Campus. A degree without borders, students begin their journey in Dubai for their first academic year, then move to Mexico for the second year of study, and land in London for their final year, at the heart of the UK’s creative industry. Students who study the Dubai based Higher National Diplomas can level-up their film and acting studies by studying their final year on the London based BA Top-Up in Performance Art Practices degree. The Raindance London experience is rich with all the networking and collaborative opportunities independent, feature, and corporate filmmakers can dream of. Students see their work on the silver screen after joining our London campus, with their work screened at our esteemed Raindance Film Festival.


Keeping up to date with the latest industry trends is of utmost importance. Raindance Dubai has established partnerships with MENA industry leaders, such as Sony, Nikon, Zhiyun, Fractal Studios, and Image Nation. The school invites a stream of industry professionals who share their filmmaking journeys with our students. This enhances and broadens the horizons of students’ understanding of the many avenues into the film and media industry beyond their educational practice. Raindance student films were screened at Expo2020 in collaboration with Dignified Storytelling. Our students were tasked with creating short films within the 10 principles of Dignified Storytelling, which students were able to add to their showreels. Beyond the students’ time with us, whether it be a two year HND or three year international Degree, Raindance has a huge global network of Alunimi, ‘Raindancers’, with creative hubs around the world, including America, Canada, and France, that host regular online and in person sessions. Our hubs exist in many major cities, and are a valuable opportunity for international connection and collaboration.


Raindance Film School was born out of the success and popularity of the prestigious and world renowned Raindance Film Festival, founded in 1992 by independent filmmaker and producer, Elliot Grove. The 31st Raindance Film Festival is scheduled to run from October 25th to November 4th 2023. Raindance was founded as a thought experiment: «Can you make a film with no money, no training and no experience?». Our masterclasses then began in 1992 which took off in popularity, creating a reputation for Raindance, allowing the Raindance Film festival and British Independent Film Awards to be established in the following years. Raindance, alongside our film festival, hosted short courses at the London campus, eventually resulting in our London based Masters of Arts in Filmmaking to emerge. From our MA in Filmmaking, our London campus expanded its educational framework to include HND and BA courses, kick starting a new wave of our vibrant Raindance community. The Raindance approach to independent filmmaking stands strong, and is at the heart of our Dubai campus and courses.

«We don’t just make films, we make filmmakers’». – Elliot Grove.

Applications are now open for our October intake 2023 and also our January intake 2024. For more information please check the school’s socials, or email for enquiries.