Do you work in a hospital, save lives, but many do not know what «endovascular surgery» is and where it is used, tell us?

I mainly help people suffering from coronary heart disease. This disease is quite popular: improper lifestyle, poor nutrition, obesity, stress and depression lead to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the blood vessels that feed the heart, they are called coronary arteries. When the plaques become larger, they begin to interfere with normal blood flow, then coronary heart disease develops. These are, let’s say, the first bells of a heart attack. If you recognize the symptoms in time and diagnose these plaques, then a heart attack can be prevented. One of the unique technologies that we use is diagnostic coronary angiography, it allows you to determine WHERE the plaque is, what SIZE it is, and even remove it immediately. This is a minimally invasive advanced technique, it is performed through a small puncture of the artery on the wrist.


But you are not an ordinary doctor, how did you come to what you do now?

For 17 years of work in the hospital, thousands of people have passed through my eyes, hands and heart. I am qualified and qualitatively cope with various pathologies, but the truth is that in the clinic (and especially on the operating table), we deal with the final manifestation of the process called «disease». And this process begins long before our meeting with the patient. The psyche of a person with neglected forms of disease changes dramatically. You have probably noticed that your loved ones become irritable, conflictual, capricious. To establish contact with them is quite difficult. And then it turns out that a person has a real health problem, so the psyche reacted in such a way. Or vice versa, worries, suffering, resentment provoked a stomach ulcer, for example. Observing the stories of patients and their loved ones sparked my transformation many years ago. I started studying alternative medicine techniques to go beyond the usual science, began searching and collecting answers to questions about the true causes of diseases, as well as ways to influence health at the prevention stage, to help people prevent the onset of diseases in the first place and to cope with treatment more easily.

Visualization of the recovery process is your author’s method. Can you tell us about it?

During my school years, I experienced clinical death and coma as a result of a neuroinfection. Fortunately, I survived, but several cranial nerves were affected and I was unable to swallow or speak properly, and I also had a strabismus. The conventional doctor, a pediatric neurologist who became my savior, turned out to be not so conventional. He was open to alternative views on quite scientific things. One of his experiments was proposed to me. Its essence was that the doctor gave me (absolutely far from medical knowledge at that time), images of anatomical structures of the brain and brief, but detailed and accurate explanations of the features of the affected areas. Further, looking at the pictures I had to imagine the process of normal work of these structures. After many years I would call it «visualization of the restorative process». By the way, one of the physical exercises was to speak with pebbles in my mouth, similar to Hollywood actors’ techniques, it was quite funny. Through hard work and an alternative approach, I recovered almost completely and returned three months later to the same classroom at my high school. Inspired by this incident among others, I made the decision to become a doctor. I traveled the long road of clinical experience from resident to department head of the country’s main military hospital.


But you didn’t stop only on this technique?

Yes, I have traveled the world a lot, studied different knowledge and practices of different cultures and peoples. I have always and everywhere been looking for answers to all the same questions about the true causes of diseases and ways to prevent them. One day I literally “cured» myself. Again, as in childhood, but thanks to new knowledge. This was a ligament of my knee joint, which turned out to be torn when I was injured on the football field, which was confirmed on MRI scans. Traumatologists suggested surgery to restore the ligament. As a doctor, I was aware of the subsequent problems that may arise due to a violation of the integrity of the joint. Without waiting for the operation, I decided to work independently on recovery, with the help of an alternative option that was already obvious to me, based on my own experience. I decided that since visualization helped me with my brain, it would also cope with my knee. I entered a special state with the help of meditation, then, imagining the restoration of the ligament in great detail in my imagination, performed slow flexion and extension of the joint, did all this for three weeks daily. The result amazed both me and my colleagues, there was a lot of haight and jokes, but the winners are not judged. The joint was saved. I have completely recovered. I began to develop this method and develop others, all of them are connected with the power and might of our consciousness, which controls matter, including our body. Modern science has also already proved in a number of studies the connection of thought forms with the material world.

How do a person’s consciousness and beliefs affect their physical well-being, and how do you help change them to improve health?

This is a very good question. The first thing to realize is that it is consciousness that affects a person’s physical state, and that is no longer in doubt today. Beliefs are thought forms that are created in consciousness, stored in consciousness and realized in our everyday, quite tangible life. It is important to learn how to keep track of the beliefs that are in our minds, especially since many of them are not ours to begin with. Yes, it is really true, beliefs can be alien, which later can affect our life, having settled in our consciousness. For example, the opinion that necessarily you must have health problems after 40 years. Today, a lot of fear is broadcast day in and day out from the TV news channels. For everything foreign, our consciousness should be like an inverted glass into which something cannot be poured without our conscious permission. By their nature, beliefs can be destructive, and they can be reinforcing to our mental and physical state. The first and foremost thing to do in working with beliefs is to train awareness and presence in the present moment, and there are many exercises and techniques at our disposal for this purpose. Meditative techniques are the basis for such work. By developing mindfulness we take control of our consciousness, we become aware of everything that is going on in it, including beliefs. I recommend to my clients and all people to train their presence daily and everywhere, for example, you can focus your attention on small things and objects, when they come into your field of vision, do it in total. We are surrounded by millions of things and phenomena, pay attention to them, take your time, there is something going on all the time, a bird sitting on a branch, or a courier bringing in a delivery, the wind is moving the leaves of the trees. The habit of being present in life and its processes in the present moment will allow you to learn to be a full participant in your consciousness and see your beliefs, it will remain to get rid of destructive and strengthen the strengthening ones. It is important to remember that the focus of attention should be on what we want to achieve, and many beliefs focus the focus of attention on what we want to get rid of. This is what makes beliefs either our allies or our enemies.